Guess Who's Coming to the Indy's Gala October 5 Dinner?

If you’re wondering which old friends and classmates you might see at our gala 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner at the Harvard Art Museums on October 5, here is a running list of Indy alumni who are attending. We’re doing our best to keep it up to date. Note that we’ll be welcoming a number of non-alumni guests, but they’re not listed here. If you haven’t reserved your seats yet, do it now!

Morris B. Abram ‘71 and 7 guests

Joseph W. Algrant ’78 and guest

Steven E. Asher ’76

Thomas I. Barkin ’83

David R Barr ’70 and guest

Rina Bloch ’78

Peter L. Borowitz ’74

Meghan Brooks ’14

Randolph E. Bucklin ’82

Roland J. Cole ’70 and guest

Caroline Corbitt ’09 and 2 guests

Caroline Cronin ’18

Thomas Cronin ’86 and guest

Jacqueline De la Houssaye ’85 and guest

Thomas H. Ebert ’70 and guest

David Finegold ’85

Charles N. Fishman ’83

Michael W. Flamm ’86

David B. Golub ’84

Ellie Grossman ’95

Christian Hallowell ’70

Sandra Mae Jacobs ’83

Jennie Kassanoff ’86

Nancy R. Katz ’84

Aaron Kesselheim ’96 and guest

Arthur R. Kroeber ’84 and guest

Justin Kudler ’95

Lori Lesser ’88 and guest

John R. Mackall ’71 and guest

Jennifer McGucken (née Scanlon) ’89 and guest

Richard Paisner ’70 and guest

Mark E Pelofsky ’84 and guest

Ken Plutnicki ’84

Nicholas P. Poolos ’84

Mark R. Rasmuson ’70

William O. Reckler ’99

Sally Rinehart ’09 and guest

Wade E. Roush ’89

Amy Lynn Salzhauer ’91

Douglas W. Scott ’96

Kenneth A. Schultz ’90

Douglas W. Scott ’96

Mark C. Shields ’70 and guest

David A. Smith ’75 and guest

James W. Sullivan ’70 and guest

Margaret L. Usdansky ’86 and guest

James R. Vaseff ’71 and guest

Jonathan Vatner ’01 and gest

Thomas C. Wales ’99

Christine Wolfe ’14 and guest

David E. Yarowsky ’87

Mary Proctor Yntema ’85

Rex C. Yung ’80