Yes, the Independent is 50 years old. We can’t believe it either!


In the debut issue on October 9, 1969, the founders of the Independent said they hoped to provide “in-depth coverage and analysis of important campus and community questions,” foster “a greater exchange of differing opinions,” and “promote dialogue and controversy.” They never imagined that 50 years later, the newspaper would still be here, still providing an alternative home for student journalists, and still stirring up controversy.

Today, the paper is confronting a drastic downsizing of its on-campus office space and seeking a new home off campus. Now is the time for the Indy’s alumni to come together—both to celebrate the paper’s past, and to make sure it has a secure base for the future.



The university is moving to reduce space for private student offices, rendering the Independent effectively homeless. So it’s time for a barn-raising! Read our campaign brochure and help us grow the Indy’s endowment so we can afford to rent an off-campus space.